Legacy & Tradition books have arrived!

What an exciting week it has been!  My books and CDs arrived on Friday.  We have 12,000 CDs to be placed into the books before they are ready for sale. The stack of cases in the first picture below are cartons, each filled with 750 CDs…YIKES!  I had several teams of people working very hard over the past week to help me get about 4,000 CDs into the books.  Hooray!

Between Monday night and Wednesday night, I delivered 78 cases of books to CFB Borden and 14 cases of books to John Newman.  LCol Matt Richardson met me to help unload the books from my car.  Matt is the Commanding Officer of 3CRPG and he wrote an excellent foreword to this book!  He is passionate about his work with the Rangers of Ontario and makes every effort to see that they are well supported.

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