The Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada

Tonight I was at Fort York Armoury, a beautiful old building with lots of character.  I was rehearsing with the Royal Regiment of Canada band for a concert on October 30th.  They all made me feel very welcomed and all were excited to be rehearsing Howard Cable’s arrangement of my first song, “We’ll Never Forget/N’oublion jamais”.

I asked Danielle Bourree to assist me in singing the chorus in round, as I think the song sounds best this way.  She has a beautiful voice and I feel very happy to be working on another concert with her.

This arrangement includes bagpipes (I love the sound of bagpipes).  Unfortunately, there were no bagpipes there tonight.  I know  a few more rehearsals are scheduled from now to October 30th…meanwhile, I have a new song to learn that the 3 soloists will be singing for the finale…more on this later!

Below are pictured the advertisement poster, army training at Fort York Armoury, Kevin Anderson, conductor, and the Royal Regiment of Canada band.

img_0265img_0261  img_0267-1 img_0268 img_0272 img_0276

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