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The time was right during the First World War for the Canadian Corp to play an integral role in the Battles during the last Hundred Days.  “In Their Words” tells the story of the end of the First World War through 100+ year old diaries written by Canadian soldiers and archival military documents.  After the Armistice, the soldiers’ diaries are rich with information that followed them until they reach Canada in 1919.

Master Corporal Arthur W.J. Currie (Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie’s great-grandson) wrote an outstanding foreword that provides a family glimpse behind the man, the first Canadian General to be appointed Commander of the Canadian Corp.

The introduction to the book was co-written by two Canadian Army historians, Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Bryden, CD (Retired) and Matthew Trudgen, PhD.  It puts in context, the origins of the First World War, the mobilization and battles of the Canadian Expeditionary Force that lead up to the Battles of the Hundred Days.
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