Vimy! Valour! Victory!


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Under the British Army, General Julian Byng was given command of the Canadian Corp. Major General Arthur Currie, Commander of the 1st Canadian Division, worked closely with Byng, being groomed for future command of the Canadian Corp.

The four Divisions of the Canadian Corp were tasked to secure Vimy Ridge as the first objective in the Spring Offensive at Arras.  In order to overt past failed attempts to capturing Vimy Ridge, it was recognized by the command team that they needed to revolutionize a planned approach that was tactically different to what had been previously tried by the French and British armies.

What emerged was a meticulously detailed offensive plan that reformed future military planning processes.  The initial decisions for the planned attack, changed greatly in scope through November 1916 to February 1917. On February 2, 1917, each of the 4 Canadian Corp Divisions were allotted their final frontages for this epic battle. Their preparations were then instructed to be completed by March 31, 1917. In that two month period, all allied troops were privy to the plan and efforts were focused on the end objective,that is, gaining control of Vimy Ridge.

Vimy! Valour! Victory!  is a narrative that highlights the Offensive Operation preparations, support, intelligence and training set out for the Canadian Corp and Allied troops at Vimy Ridge.  Personal diary entries are interspersed and provide a social glimpse to this period in The Great War.  The diaries these Canadians maintained positively confirm that the Command team  choreographed an unshakable plan to launch the Spring Offensive of 1917.


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