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Visiting Veterans

This weekend was the best!  I enjoyed my time visiting with 3 WW2 veterans.  My first visit was with Paul and we enjoyed singing songs together…we have a repertoire that we go through each week…definitely a highlight for me!  Next I visited with Herb and with great luck, his son Steve was here visiting from Calgary.  The last visit this weekend was with John, and if you look at the picture in the background, you…

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Ranger Christmas Party at CFB Meaford

It was a fabulous evening with great people and LOTS of wonderful food!  3 CRPG Rangers from 15 remote communities in northern Ontario were down south for the past 10 days at CFB Meaford.  They were on a leadership training course and at the Christmas party, they were all awarded their certification.  Bravo for a job well done! LCol Matt Richardson (the commanding officer of the Ranger patrol) and Sergeant Major, Chief Warrant Officer Rob Patterson  had some…

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