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There is a growing issue in Canada with our Canadian Armed Forces veterans being homeless. I first became aware of this problem when invited to a fundraising event in Ottawa. This event was intended to support those veterans in the Ottawa area, living on the street.

Since that time, I have learned through our local Toronto Military Family Resource Centre and a Calgary- based organization, Canadian Legacy Project  ( and their “Homes for Heroes Foundation” that they too, are trying to address the problem of homeless veterans.

With this growing issue, I am inviting 59,999 like-minded Canadians to join me, in donating one loonie to help purchase a home. This home would be in a community of 15-20 homes that are designed to be transitional housing (up to 2 years) for a homeless veteran. During the 2 years, local social agencies will support veterans living in this community to secure employment and gain the necessary personal help to transition successfully into civilian life.

$60,000.00 will purchase one 250 square foot home. These homes will provide stable accommodation for former Canadian Armed Forces soldiers to once again become productive members in society.

I cannot think of a better way to say, ‘thank you’, to a veteran who put our country before self.

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