Month: September 2016

Scouting out location shots for music video

I started my day having breakfast with veterans and then met Rob DiVito, the Sound Engineer for my CDs at Prospect cemetery.  We are shooting a video in the WW1 section of the cemetery.  As you can see from the photos, a beautiful location for sure!  3,500 WW1 soldiers are buried in this cemetery.  Mount Pleasant Group have been so supportive of us coming into their  beautifully refurbished cemetery for the music video.  I thank Gary Irving, Property Manager and Rick Cowan of Marketing and Communications for Mount Pleasant Group.


In preparation for a 2017 ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, Mount Pleasant Group worked with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on the refurbishing.  Their efforts certainly have payed off…it looks amazing!



img_2477 img_2476



Dress fitting

Went for a dress fitting with Alba…she has made this dress from scratch with no pattern.  We have modified the pattern somewhat with one pocket instead of two and we made it larger.  This will be better for me to hold the microphone headset attachments when I perform the song “A Letter from Home”.  Still lots for her to do, but on Tuesday she believes that it will be done.  She has sleeves to put on, the pocket needs to be finished , hemming and buttons.  The dress is very comfortable.



img_24861917h-08-44 img_2492-2





Niagara Military Museum

Today was a special day at the Niagara Military Museum. I was asked to sing at a re-dedication of the Krupp Field Gun.  This artillery gun was one of the trophies Canadians brought back to Canada from France in WW1.  It was an emotional moment hearing the addresses of LCol (GS) Nico Huelshoff and of LCol Robert Christopher.  They spoke about the strength of bond that now exists between Canada and Germany.   I spoke with LCol Huelshoff at the reception about the healing that had to take place in order for our countries to become allies.

Pictured with me before the ceremony is Six Nations Councillor Robert Johnson.  We discussed my book “Legacy & Tradition” .





Editing Book, “Vimy! Valour! Victory!”

Working full tilt now on the next step of the process with my book editor Franklin Carter.  He has been my editor for all my books and has an amazing mind for details that otherwise go unnoticed by most people.  With back to back books coming out this month and again in November, he has been kept VERY busy!  carter-nov-9-2007




Great War Flying Museum

What a fantastic day!  I was in Brampton today doing a book signing at the Great War Flying Museum.  I must say that the staff that run this event are top notch!  Friendly, helpful and put out 100% to entertain all visitors.  This is an annual show and one worth checking out next year.  It is always on the first Sunday after Labour Day weekend.

I asked them if I could sit in the two planes from WW1…one that was fashioned after the famous Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) and the other after our Canadian hero Billy Bishop.  Since working on the Vimy book, I have learned so much about these two men.  2 of the artillery soldiers talk about the Red Baron in their diary entries.



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Dedication for a German WW1 Trench Mortar

Today I had the privilege to be part of an excellent ceremony  in Pelham Ontario.  The community refurbished a monument that honoured men who died in the Great War who lived in their immediate community.  Very touching.

As well, they had a German WW1 trench mortar that was dedicated to remembrance.  Both sit proudly outside of the town hall.

The weather oscillated between sun the rain, with the later not slowing down this community’s great efforts to remember the service and sacrifice of our Canadian serving members both past and present.

A moving ceremony.




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At JB Printing

After school , I drove to JB Printing in New Market to finalize the print run of book Legacy & Tradition.  Pictured below is Harold, who has been managing the processing of the book.  He is standing on the platform of the printing press that my book will be eventually running through.  Tonight, I signed off on the colour proof and layout match.


IMG_2081IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2084

Beadwork for 1917 dress

Worked last night and most of today at sewing on black Swarovski crystals to the lace that will eventually be placed on my dress.  I have sewn on more than 250 black beads!  I am taking  the finished lace to Alba, my dress maker on Wednesday night.  She will sew this onto the  dress towards the bottom.  I wanted the little fleck of black to tie in with the belt that I made a few days ago!

Canada Company Party!

At a Canada Company party downtown on the naval base YORK.   Watching the airshow and having alot of fun!  Perfect weather and lots of friendly people.  Blake Goldring is the host of the party and as usual, the event is first class!  Thank you Blake for the lovely invite!  I know that John Newman had a great time…as did I!


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Making a belt for my 1917 period dress

Earlier this week, I went to John Bead to purchase the material to make a belt for my 1917 period dress.  If you look at the picture attached to “My Birthday” blog, you will see the belt I made.  Below, are 3 photos showing the start to end of making the belt.  Had a lot of fun on this project!  I will have to adjust it once Alba has made the dress…I am not sure if it should sit high or low on the waist.  One step closer.


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