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The Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada

Fantastic concert today at the Glenn Gould Studio.  We performed to a full house of enthusiastic people!  Pictured below is the morning rehearsal for the concert, pictures of my book set up that re-enactor Bill White manned for me and pictures from my performances.  Also performing at the concert were vocalists Danielle Bourre, David Leask and The Pipes & Drums of the 48th Highlanders of Canada.  A heart-felt thank you to the Royal Regiment of Canada band for their excellent musicianship and support!



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The Right Honourable Paul Martin and First Nations Languages

Was at a luncheon today with guest speaker, The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Canada’s 21 Prime Minister.  The focus of discussion centered on education and First Nations children.  I particularly applaud his belief that cultural languages need to be preserved.  In my book, “Legacy and Tradition” I have taken quotes from each of the Ranger interviews and had them translated into their community’s language through syllabics and through phonetics.  An example of a quote in the Oji-Cree language is written below:


“The Ranger program has given me a second chance to learn how to survive,” says Master Corporal Emily Beardy. “Find yours!”

“ᐁᑲᐧ ᐅᒪ ᐅᓄᑎᓂᑫᓯᐃᐧ ᑭᑭᓄᐦᐊᒪᑫᐃᐧᓂᐠ ᓂᑭᐅᒋᐃᐧᒋᐦᐃᑯᐣ ᑫᑐᑕᒪᐣ ᒋᐱᒪᒋᐦᐅᔭᐣ,” ᐃᑭᑐ ᒪᐢᑐᕑ ᑲᐧᕑᑊᕑᐊᓫ ᐁᒪᓫᐃ ᐯᕑᑎ. “ᑫᑭᐣ ᑕᐡ ᑲᑫᐧᒥᑲᒪᓱᐣ!”

“Egwa ohmaa ohnodihnikesiiwi kihkinohahmaakewinik ni’kii onhci wiihcihikon ke’totamaan ci’pimaacihoyaan,” ihkito Master Corporal Emily Beardy. “Kekiin tash kakwe mihkamaason!”


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Filming at Prospect Cemetery

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to shoot the video.  We spent most of the day at Prospect Cemetery.  Bill and I were waiting off to the side while Rob worked with the 6 girls from the ESA choir.  While we were standing there, we noticed our silhouettes and I took a photo of it.  I think it is a really neat shot!


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Glenn Gould Studio Concert on October 30th

Today, I worked in another practise with the Royal Regiment of Canada band.  I was most appreciative of this!  Lieutenant Kevin Anderson is their music director and before my rehearsal, I saw Kevin writing up the program order for the band.  WOW!  What a line up of great music being played by great musicians.  Please go to the link below and find out how to purchase tickets!

I know you will be fully entertained!

Creating a music video

This weekend was certainly a busy one!  Rob DiVito is producing a music video for my Vimy book song. Here are some photos …more to come over the next few days!  I thank the students from the ESA choir who participated in the video, they were so much fun to work with!  I also thank Rick Cowan and Gary Irving, managers of Prospect Cemetery who embraced this project from our first conversation.  Thank you for allowing us to shoot at this beautifully maintained site.



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The Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada

Tonight I was at Fort York Armoury, a beautiful old building with lots of character.  I was rehearsing with the Royal Regiment of Canada band for a concert on October 30th.  They all made me feel very welcomed and all were excited to be rehearsing Howard Cable’s arrangement of my first song, “We’ll Never Forget/N’oublion jamais”.

I asked Danielle Bourree to assist me in singing the chorus in round, as I think the song sounds best this way.  She has a beautiful voice and I feel very happy to be working on another concert with her.

This arrangement includes bagpipes (I love the sound of bagpipes).  Unfortunately, there were no bagpipes there tonight.  I know  a few more rehearsals are scheduled from now to October 30th…meanwhile, I have a new song to learn that the 3 soloists will be singing for the finale…more on this later!

Below are pictured the advertisement poster, army training at Fort York Armoury, Kevin Anderson, conductor, and the Royal Regiment of Canada band.

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100 year old cards from WW1 soldiers

Tonight after school, I drove a load of cases filled with books to CF Borden, ordered food for the video shoot on Saturday and listened to the mastered Vimy song with Rob…when I got home, I went through my treasures and found these beautiful embroidered cards that I had purchased years ago.  I was happy to find them because I hope to use them in the video shoot this weekend.  They are postcards/letters that WW1  Canadian soldiers sent home to their loved ones….all hand embroidered and each a work of art.  My brother is bringing over a few more for me tomorrow that my Great Uncle sent to family 100 years ago.  Can’t wait to see them too!  Special.