Teachers Guide

Language Art Activities

  1. What are the key lessons stated by each of the Canadian Forces personnel?
  2. Contrast any two of the key statements found in the book We’ll Never Forget. (this can be an oral discussion or an oral debate).
  3. In your opinion, what is the most important statement in the book for Canadians? Why?
  4. Why did the soldiers and veterans choose to serve Canada?
  5. What contributions did they achieve?
  6. How do our Forces personnel feel about young Canadians?
  7. Which Canadian Forces personnel do you most identify with and why?
  8. Imagine you are serving in one of the branches of our Canadian Forces. Write a letter home to family or to a friend describing your experience.
  9. Create a coded message using the Morse Code system of communication.

Creative Art Ideas

  1. Make a collage that depicts all branches of our Canadian Forces and their contributions to Canada.
  2. Choose one of the Canadian heroes who are featured in this book. Using a medium of your choice, present him or her in the role in which they performed their duties.
  3. Create a banner for PEACE that could be used in a Remembrance Day service